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The New York Times dedicated their Sunday paper to the nearly 100,000 lives lost so far to Covid-19. That is scary! It is difficult for me to even grasp the magnitude of such a large number of deaths in such a short period. But it is real and the number is getting larger each day.

No doubt, many folks reading this have been affected by this deadly virus. It sucks. Why search for a polite way to put it when this virus has been anything but polite? I sometimes feel like I am living in a sci-fi movie. This can’t possibly be happening—I often think to myself.

But it is.

Without an end in sight.

This will change much.

How we do school. How we interact. How we … everything.

And yet, I know that we will get through this.

Battered and bruised. Yes.

But we will come out the other end. And start over. Life will be different.

Every one of us is scared. Maybe not for the same reasons. But this whole thing has got us shook. As well it should have. We don’t know what to do next. If we ease up, then we may be risking our lives or worse, the lives of our loved ones. If we stay locked up, then we may be risking our sanity.

This is not a political piece nor is it a piece on educational policy.

This is a piece about a shift that needs to take place.

For far too long we have cared too much about appearing strong and cared too little about being strong. I can easily post, tweet, or say that everything is okay. But am I? Are you? Yes, there are times when we must appear strong for others. And there are those for whom we must appear strong for.

But most of the time.

Most of us.

Need to say, show, share how we feel. And that requires being vulnerable. And that is scary. And that requires strength.

Why would I want to appear scared, tired, weak, or afraid? Won’t others think less of me? Won’t others believe me to be incompetent? Won’t others start to move away?

They might.

But I doubt it.


Because like you. Like me. They get scared too.

And hearing you. Seeing you. Knowing you are not always whole. Will help them realize that they are not alone. That there is nothing wrong with them. It will be difficult—no doubt. Showing how we really feel and sharing what really scares us and admitting what we really think means taking a risk. But I promise you that you will find that you are in good company.

Now there is something I have yet to tell you. And you may not like the way it. In fact, it may cause you to think that you have just wasted the last 3 minutes of your day reading this piece.

I hope not.

Here it is.

Being vulnerable does not and will not change the fact that you will continue to experience moments in which you are scared, tired, weak, and afraid. It may not even diminish them in the least. I wish it did. But it will do something much more important.

No longer will you go through these things alone.

And that means more than we can imagine.

It means everything.

These are difficult days. And I have a feeling they are going to be difficult for some time. And when they are over we will have more difficult days.

But if we start sharing now. When it may be most difficult. When we are most scared. When we are most unsure. Well, then we won’t have to go it alone.

We may be required to wear masks when we go out and I get it. As uncomfortable and hot as they are, they help keep us and those around us safe. But there is nothing that says we must go through life pretending to be okay when we’re not. That is a mask that we can take off and I believe we should.

Be vulnerable.

And remember—you are not alone.





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