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“In this compelling book, Jon Harper shares poignant, painful and sometimes heartbreaking stories of good teachers who’ve messed up. But these educators learned from their mistakes, and you can, too. MY BAD offers pain with a purpose.”

-Dan Pink, author of the New York Times bestseller When


“This is an emotionally powerful book, a useful roadmap and ultimately, a compass on how to improve. Thank you, Jon, for having the guts to share.”

-Seth Godin, author of the New York Times bestseller This Is Marketing


“My Bad is a refreshing twist on education books that often highlight only success stories. Tapping into the failures of an eclectic group of educators, Jon captures the courage that comes through embracing vulnerability and shows how reflecting on our own mistakes is a necessary precursor for growth and improvement.”

-Dave Burgess, author of the New York Times bestseller Teach Like a Pirate


“In startling honest and moving vignettes, 24 extraordinary teachers and administrators share how they’ve grown from their biggest regrets and mistakes. Every reader will identify with these stories and feel inspired to lead more authentic lives.”

-Phyllis Fagell, education columnist for the Washington Post and author of Middle School Matters


“Jon shares the vulnerable moments of some of the most respected experts in education as a powerful reminder of both the flaws and the resiliency in our shared humanity. It’s a must-read for the novice teacher and the expert mentor alike.”

-John Spencer, author of Launch and Empower


“Through these stories of introspective vulnerability, we are invited into the imperfect lives of those we admire as we begin to see our imperfections in a different light. In this remarkable new book, we relive each story through Jon’s eyes as we re-envision our missteps as stepping stones along the way to a celebratory transformational opportunity. And Jon’s message comes alive through his writing;”You are not alone!”

-Mary Howard, author of Good to Great